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Prepaid Terms & Conditions


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This is your agreement with us - it explains how your prepaid card and account work. You should read it before you activate your prepaid account. By activating your account, you confirm that you agree to be bound by these terms. You can always find a copy of this agreement in the Tesco Pay+ app and on the Tesco Pay+ website.

About Tesco Pay+ prepaid

Tesco Pay+ prepaid is a prepaid account with a digital prepaid card. When your account is created, you will be issued with a digital prepaid card within your Tesco Pay+ app that you can use to make purchases in Tesco stores and Tesco Petrol Filling Stations (excluding PayatPump). Because it's a digital card, you won't get a plastic card.

It's an e-money card - the money is stored on the card. It's not a credit, charge or debit card. We're the e-money issuer for these purposes. We won't pay you any interest on the money on your card.

To apply for Tesco Pay+ prepaid, you'll need to be registered for Tesco Pay+. For more information about the app and where to download it, visit

Tesco Pay+ prepaid is for personal non-business use only and you can only have one account per person.

Your contract for Tesco Pay+ prepaid is with Tesco Bank. The digital card is issued by PrePay Technologies Ltd pursuant to license by MasterCard International Incorporated (whose head office is at 2000 Purchase Street, Purchase, New York, 10577 USA). MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Throughout these terms, business day means the days of Monday to Friday but does not include bank holidays, or public holidays in the United Kingdom.

How can I get Tesco Pay+ prepaid?

You may only apply for Tesco Pay+ prepaid if you are resident in the UK. You must be at least 18 years old.

We will activate Tesco Pay+ prepaid on the basis of the information that you have provided.

How will you contact me?

We may contact you electronically (e.g. by text, email or in-app messaging), by post or by telephone using the contact details you give us. This means that you might only get an email or a text from us, and not receive a letter in the post.

You agree to provide accurate personal information and to tell us of any changes as soon as possible so that our records remain correct. You should update any changes to your personal information by signing in to Tesco Pay+ or by calling us.

If you don't, we'll continue to use the details you last gave us, and we won't be responsible if we can't contact you or if we send confidential information using out-of-date contact details. For your security, we may block access to your account and your prepaid digital card if we're unable to contact you.

Please note that, for your protection, telephone calls may be recorded and monitored to help detect and prevent crime including fraud, and for training and quality purposes.

At a glance - limits and fees

Prepaid limits
Account balance limits
Account balance£2,500
Account top-up limits
Credit / Debit card top-up limitsPer transaction£5£500
Per monthn/a£2500
Banking payments top-up limitsPer transactionn/a£500
Per monthn/a£2500
Account payment limits
SpendPer transaction£250
Per week£500
Per year£26,000
WithdrawalNo withdrawal limit; can withdraw up to the balance held
Service Fee
Card application fee No fee
Monthly fee No fee
Transaction fee (Point Of Sale & Internet) No fee
Standing order/Bank top-up No fee
Top-up - Debit card No fee
Top-up - Credit card No fee
Customer services No fee. Standard network and call charges apply
Replacement card No fee

How can I top up my Tesco Pay+ prepaid account with money?

Standing order or Bank transfer - to top up Tesco Pay+ prepaid via standing order or bank transfer, you will need to sign in to Tesco Pay+ and select 'Top up by bank transfer' to view your Tesco Pay+ prepaid sort code and account number. You will then need to set up this standing order or bank transfer at your bank.

Debit or credit card via Tesco Pay+ - to top up Tesco Pay+ prepaid via debit or credit card, you must have added the debit or credit card you wish to top up from to Tesco Pay+. If the top up is not authorised by your bank or fails for any other reason, then we will notify you within Tesco Pay+.

If you opt to top up Tesco Pay+ prepaid via Tesco Pay+, you can:

  1. top up Tesco Pay+ prepaid without having to re-enter your registered debit or credit card details until such time that you choose to remove your registered payment details;
  2. configure Tesco Pay+ to send a notification to advise you (a) when a top up has been made to Tesco Pay+ prepaid; (b) when your available balance is low according to your set limits and; (c) to action a top up on Tesco Pay+ prepaid. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the right to top up Tesco Pay+ prepaid at any time without notice.

How can I pay for things with Tesco Pay+ prepaid?

You can make payments with Tesco Pay+ prepaid in-store and at Tesco Petrol Filling Stations using Tesco Pay+. Just select Tesco Pay+ prepaid when you pay with Tesco Pay+ and then scan your prepaid barcode at the till.

Once you have authorised a payment from Tesco Pay+ prepaid, we cannot change or cancel it. We cannot cancel authorised payments that have not yet been processed.

If you need to refund money from your Tesco Pay+ prepaid card, you can do so by calling our customer services team.

Tesco Pay+ prepaid is a prepaid card, which means that the available balance you have to spend will be reduced by the full amount of each transaction and authorisation, which includes any transaction charges. You must not use Tesco Pay+ prepaid if the full amount of the transaction including charges, exceeds your available balance. If, for any reason, a transaction is processed for an amount greater than the available balance on Tesco Pay+ prepaid, you must repay us the amount by which the full deductible amount exceeds your available balance. Should you not repay this amount we reserve the right to request the payment from you and restrict your access to Tesco Pay+ prepaid until the funds are repaid. We reserve the right to take all steps necessary, including legal action, to recover any monies outstanding should funds remain unpaid.

How can I see how much money I have on Tesco Pay+ prepaid?

You can check your available balance and transaction history in your Tesco Pay+ app or by visiting

When does my Tesco Pay+ prepaid card expire?

You will not be able to use Tesco Pay+ prepaid if your digital card has expired. Your Tesco Pay+ prepaid digital card will last for 5 years from the date it is issued. When it expires, we will reissue you with a Tesco Pay+ prepaid card, provided you continue to be eligible for the prepaid service.

If your Tesco Pay+ prepaid account has not been used in the last six months prior to the expiry date, we'll send you an email asking whether you would like to renew your Tesco Pay+ prepaid or instead reclaim the outstanding available balance (if any).

  • If you opt to have Tesco Pay+ prepaid renewed, we'll reactivate this for you;
  • If you do not reply to the email, we'll close your Tesco Pay+ prepaid on the expiry date. We'll still try to refund the money to you after your account is closed - however, any outstanding available balance on Tesco Pay+ prepaid at expiry will remain yours for a period of six years from the expiry date. You can request a refund any time within this period by contacting us. We will not return any funds remaining on Tesco Pay+ prepaid after six years from card expiry and this agreement will terminate.

If you have a restricted Tesco Pay+ prepaid, we are required by regulation to establish your identity before redeeming e-money from Tesco Pay+ prepaid.

How can I close my Tesco Pay+ prepaid account and withdraw my money?

If you would like to terminate Tesco Pay+ prepaid and redeem any unused funds you can do so by calling us on 0330 123 0250.

You may redeem funds as long as:

  • we believe you have not acted fraudulently; and
  • we are not prohibited from doing so by any applicable law, regulation, court order or instruction or guidance of a competent regulatory authority or agency.

Our procedures may require us to carry out various checks reasonably required to prevent fraudulent use of your card before we can process your redemption request.

When can we refuse a payment on Tesco Pay+ prepaid?

We may restrict or refuse to authorise any use of Tesco Pay+ prepaid including

  • transactions in any legal jurisdiction if using Tesco Pay+ prepaid is causing or could cause a breach of this agreement or
  • if we have reasonable grounds for suspecting that either you or a third party has committed or is about to commit a crime or other abuse in connection with Tesco Pay+ prepaid.

Where appropriate, any refusal to authorise a transaction will be relayed to you via the merchant concerned. A record will also appear in your transaction history in Tesco Pay+ and within your Tesco Pay+ account online. Where you attempt to top up another card, any refusal to authorise a transaction will be communicated to you via Tesco Pay+ and merchant, and appear in your transaction history.

What do I need to do to help keep Tesco Pay+ prepaid secure?

You must:

  • Keep all your security details secret (this includes anything related to Tesco Pay+ prepaid, including passwords for apps, websites or contacting us by telephone) and take reasonable precautions to prevent them becoming known to another person;
  • Not allow anyone else to use Tesco Pay+ prepaid or your security details;
  • Keep the device and security details for your device safe and do not allow anyone else to use them. If your device stores a fingerprint, you should not store anyone else's fingerprint on your device. If you dispose of a device on which Tesco Pay+ prepaid is held, you must delete Tesco Pay+ prepaid from it first.

You must not write down or record your security details in a way which could be understood by someone else.

Why do I need to keep these details secure?

If you don't keep Tesco Pay+ prepaid secure, you may be liable for transactions which you didn't authorise. You will be responsible for all transactions which you authorise, whatever the manner of such authorisation.

You will be liable for all transactions that take place as a result of you acting fraudulently or failing to comply with this agreement with intent or gross negligence. Any such transactions and any fees and charges relating to such transactions will be deducted from the available balance on Tesco Pay+ prepaid.

What should I do if my device is stolen or lost or I think someone knows my security details?

In the event of loss, theft, fraud or any other risk of an unauthorised use of Tesco Pay+ prepaid, you must contact us immediately so that we can block your account. You can also lock your wallet by visiting In the event that you notify us in accordance with this you will be liable for a maximum of £35 of any loss that takes place prior to you contacting us.

You won't be liable for losses that take place following the date on which you notified us. If there is an available balance remaining on Tesco Pay+ prepaid we may replace it. Alternatively, your available balance can be redeemed to you.

What should I do if I didn't authorise a transaction?

If you have a reason to believe that a transaction for which Tesco Pay+ prepaid was used is unauthorised or has been posted to your card in error, you must immediately contact us, but in any event within 13 months of the date of the relevant transaction. Any delay in notifying us makes it more difficult for us to investigate the transaction. If you dispute a transaction, the merchant must be able to prove that the transaction took place.

We will immediately refund the amount to Tesco Pay+ prepaid to the position it would have been in if the unauthorised transaction had not taken place. We will have no further liability to you. If we subsequently discover that you were not entitled to a refund, we shall treat the refund as a mistake and be entitled to reapply the transaction, including any interest to Tesco Pay+ prepaid.

If there are reasonable grounds for thinking that you may not be entitled to a refund (based on the evidence available to us at the time you report the unauthorised transaction), we may investigate before giving you a refund.

You will be liable for all transactions made from Tesco Pay+ prepaid:

  • if you have acted fraudulently; or
  • if the transaction was made because you deliberately or with gross negligence failed to keep your card or card details secure or other security information secret,

Where you have agreed that another person in the EEA can take a payment from Tesco Pay+ prepaid (e.g. if you have given Tesco Pay+ prepaid details to a retailer for the purpose of making a payment), you can ask us to refund a payment if all the following conditions are satisfied:

  • the authorisation you gave did not specify the exact amount to be paid;
  • the amount that has been charged to Tesco Pay+ prepaid was more than you could reasonably have expected to pay, based on the circumstances, including previous spending patterns; and
  • you make the refund request within 8 weeks of the date when the payment was charged to Tesco Pay+ prepaid.

Can you change the terms and conditions?

We may change this agreement, including fees and limits by providing you with at least two months' prior notice by email (provided you have supplied us with an up-to-date email address) and will ensure the most recent version is always available on

If you do not agree with the changes to the agreement, you may at any time within the two-month notice period terminate your agreement and you can redeem any unused available balance at that time without a charge. However, in the event you do not cancel during this period then you will be deemed to have accepted them and the changes will apply to you.

If any part of this agreement is inconsistent with any regulatory requirements then we will not rely on that part but treat it as if it did actually reflect the relevant regulatory requirement. If we need to make operational changes before we can fully comply with the new regulatory requirement, we will make those changes as soon as reasonably practical. We will update our agreement to reflect the new regulatory requirements when they are next reprinted.

Can I cancel Tesco Pay+ prepaid?

You may cancel your card up to 14 calendar days after the date you opened your account ("cancellation period"), by writing to us. This does not apply to accounts created for you after the expiry date if we have to provide you with an account with a new expiry date or if the cancellation period for the original one has expired. Upon cancellation, we will refund to your account any available balance within five business days.

If you terminate Tesco Pay+ prepaid and redeem all the available balance, your agreement will terminate.

When can you terminate or suspend Tesco Pay+ prepaid?

We can terminate this agreement at any time:

  • if we give you 2 months' notice and refund the available balance to you without charge, or
  • with immediate effect if you have breached this agreement, or if we have reason to believe that you have used, or intend to use Tesco Pay+ prepaid in a grossly negligent manner or for fraudulent or other unlawful purposes or if we can no longer process your transactions due to the actions of third parties.

We can suspend Tesco Pay+ prepaid at any time with immediate effect (and until your default has been remedied or the agreement terminated) if:

  • we discover any of the information that you provided to us when you applied for Tesco Pay+ prepaid was incorrect; or
  • a transaction has been declined because of a lack of available balance; or
  • you have breached this agreement or we have reason to believe that you have used, or intend to use Tesco Pay+ prepaid or Tesco Pay+ in a grossly negligent manner or for fraudulent or other unlawful purposes or if we cannot process your transactions due to the actions of third parties.

In the event that we do suspend or terminate Tesco Pay+ prepaid then if we are able to do so, we will tell you in advance, otherwise we will let you know immediately afterwards. We may advise anyone involved in the transaction if a suspension has taken place.

You can terminate this agreement at any time by contacting us on 0330 123 0250.

In the event that any additional fees are found to have been incurred on Tesco Pay+ prepaid following termination by either you or us, then subject to this agreement, you shall refund to us any sum which relates to a withdrawal on Tesco Pay+ prepaid or fees and/or charges validly applied whether before or after termination. We will send an invoice to you and will require you to refund us immediately. Should you not repay this amount immediately after receiving an invoice from us we reserve the right to take all steps necessary, including legal action, to recover any monies outstanding.

Our liability to you

We will not be liable if we break this agreement due (directly or indirectly) to:

  • Abnormal and unforeseen circumstances outside our control, the consequences of which would have been unavoidable, despite our best efforts - this may include the failure of any machine, data processing system
  • or transmission link or delays and failures due to industrial action, or
  • our obligations under UK or European Community law.

We will not be liable to you:

  • for any loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of opportunity or loss of profit in any circumstances; or
  • any loss to you we could not have reasonably anticipated when you gave us the instruction.

Other information

You can ask us for a copy of this agreement at any time.

Nothing in this agreement will stop us being liable if we act fraudulently, with gross negligence or we are at fault and the law does not permit us to limit or exclude liability.

If your address is in Scotland, Scottish law applies to the contract between us and disputes between us will be referred to the Scottish courts. If your address is in Northern Ireland, Northern Irish law applies to the contract between us and disputes between us will be referred to the Scottish courts. If your address is elsewhere, English law will apply and disputes will be referred to the English and Welsh courts.

We will communicate with you in English.

If you'd like us to communicate with you in another format please let us know and we will consider that request.

We may transfer our rights and duties under our agreement with you to another company in the future (this is sometimes called an assignation or assignment). We'll only do this if we reasonably believe they'll treat you to the same standard as we have.

Any delay or failure to exercise any right or remedy under this agreement by us shall not be construed as a waiver of that right or remedy or preclude its exercise at any subsequent time.

If any provision of this agreement is deemed unenforceable or illegal, the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.

You may not assign or transfer any of your rights and/or benefits under this agreement and you shall be the sole party to the contract between us. You will remain liable until all cards issued to you are cancelled or have expired and all sums due under this agreement have been paid by you in full. We may assign our rights and benefits at any time without prior written notice to you. We may subcontract any of our obligations under this agreement.

Tesco Bank is a trading name of Tesco Personal Finance plc, registered in Scotland No. SC173199, Registered Office: Tesco Bank, 2 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh EH12 9FQ.

Tesco Personal Finance plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). Our registration number is 186022. You can check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the website

How we use your data

Refer to the prepaid privacy policy

What do I do if I have a complaint?

We hope that you will not need to, but if you wish to make a complaint, you can do so by calling us on 0330 123 0250* or sending an email to We are available Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm. We will try to resolve any problems as quickly as possible and in accordance with our complaints policy, which is available on request.

As an online customer you have the right to raise any unresolved complaints via the EU Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform. An alternative dispute resolution body will be appointed to deal with your complaint. Please go to

Calls to 03 numbers may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.